Micro Power Module with UBEC VI sensor DB con BEC Holybro Visualizza ingrandito

Micro Power Module with UBEC VI sensor DB con BEC Holybro


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The Micro Power distribution and power module in one is simplifying your setup, reducing points of failures and makes for a clean and tidy install. The ALL-in-One has a PDB and 5.3V UBECs, Voltage and Amperage sensors all integrated on a standardized 35mm (30.5mm) mounting package. Works with up to a 4S Lipo  battery. Ideal for the 250mm Race Spec Quad due to the small form factor.

The power distribution side is on a standardized mounting and is rated at for of current and more than enough contact points for a Mini Quadcopter. The Amp and voltage sensor are compatible with Pixfalcon, HK pilot FC and APM/Pixhawk FC with the standardized 6 pin connector. The PDB works out of the box with Pixfalcon, Micro APM 3.1, HK Pilot 2.72. It works with others with slight cable modification. We can supply you the cable upon request.



PDB/5.3V 3A UBECs/V and A Sensors all in one

60A capable

4s capable

Standardized sizing 35mm (30.5mm)

HK Pilot and APM/Pixhawk compatible

UBEC Current: 3A outputs

Power input: 2 x contact points for Voltage/current monitor

Power output: 8 x contact points



Mounting hole: 30mm*30mm

Weight: 5.8g

Cells: 4s max

BEC: 3A 5.3v

V/I Sensor: APM and HKPilot compatible


Package Include:

Mini UBEC power distribution board

6pin cable(1mm pitch)

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